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Forwarded Calls Going to Previous Extension’s Voicemail in Asterisk IP PBX

Issues with Forwarded Calls rolling over to Previous Extension’s Voicemail NOTE:  The following information has been revised on 02-16-2012 Recently, I have run across an issue with Asterisk IP PBX.  The issue is not readily apparent but occurs when an extension is forwarded to another extension.  Also, it only happens when it rolls over to […]

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Asterisk IP PBX Installation on Amazon AWS EC2 Web Service – Part 1 of 4

Amazon AWS EC2 Web Service can be used for Basic Asterisk IP PBX Installation proving Scalability, Reliability, and Mobility In this series, I will details the steps I took to install Asterisk IP PBX on an Amazon EC2 Web Service Cloud.  There aren’t too much information out there so I will do my best to […]

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Asterisk IP PBX and Amazon AWS EC2 Web Services

What we can do with Asterisk IP PBX on Amazon’s AWS EC2 Cloud It seems like the popular term these days is “Cloud Computing”.  Cloud computing?  What is that?  Apparently, it means different things to different companies.  Some companies call a SasS or Software as a Service a cloud, some web hosting companies call a […]

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BLF Configuration for Polycom IP Phones using Asterisk IP PBX

Configuring Polycom IP Phones to use BLF (Busy Lamp Field) on Asterisk IP PBX I have done a lot of Asterisk IP PBX installation using Polycom IP Phones and I consider them to be one of the leading providers of IP Phones.  They are highly configurable, easy to provision and deploy and are durable. Lately, […]

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Video Conferencing with Grandstream GXV3140 Multimedia Phone

Video Conferencing with Grandstream GXV3140 and Bria I have been testing the Grandstream GXV3140 Multimedia IP Phone for a few days now and thought I would share the experience with Video Conferencing with it. When I first received this phone, I was curious about its multimedia features but I was definitely interested in getting it […]

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Asterisk PBX Timezone settings for Polycom IP Phones

Asterisk IP PBX Timezone setting for Polycom IP Phones Recently with the DST time change, we have had many inquiries regarding DST settings for Polycom IP Phones.  Some states such as Arizona and Hawaii do not observe DST so their MAC config files need to be revised in anticipation for this. For Arizona phones, we […]

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