How Call Parking can Benefit your Small Business

Call Parking can help Small Businesses be more Efficient and Productive

First of all, lot of Small Business users are not familiar with the concept of call parking unless they have used a traditional PBX system: Call Parking allows you to put any call on HOLD in a specialized location. Once a call is parked, it can be picked up by anyone at any location by dialing the parked extension.

This is differnet than just putting a call on HOLD because a call you put on HOLD is independent of other phones so only your phone can pick up that call which could be inefficient.

A good example in a small office environment would be if a someone called in and you picked up the phone. The caller has a billing question and Quickbooks is only loaded on a single computer in the office. Now, you have three options:

1. Ask the caller to call back on the other phone which is located on the desk with the computer
2. Put the call on HOLD, run over to the computer and get the inforamtion they need. Then run back and pick up the call
3. Park the call, walk to the other workstation and pick up the same call


Another example would be if someone called in asking for John Doe. While this can be a simple transfer to John Doe’s extension, if John is on the phone, it will most likely roll over to the voicemail. More efficient way would be for you to quickly glance at the BLF field to see if John Doe is on the phone. If the phone is busy, you have these options:

1. Tranfer the call to John Doe’s extension and have it ring, then eventually to his voicemail
2. Transfer the call directly to John Doe’s voicemail by dialing a specialized extension
3. Put the call on HOLD until the BLF light turns off which means John Doe is off of the phone and able to receive another call. Then pick up the call on HOLD and transfer it to John Doe
4. Park the call and transfer it over to John Doe when the BLF light turns off

Now in this scenario, another issue comes up:  What if you receive another call while the first person is on HOLD. Where will you HOLD the second call?
As you can see, with Call Parking, you are able to manipulate the call routing as needed.  It is a feature that is not well known unless you have used a traditional PBX system as it is not available on a stand alone phone system.  However, once you start using its features, little things like Call Parking can go a long way towards making your Small Business more efficient and productive.


This article covered the benefit of Call Parking feature which is fairly simple to implement in an Asterisk based IP PBX system.  Next article will detail how it is set up in Asterisk with future articles on implementing more than one Parking Lots based on department, company, etc.



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