Hosted VoIP for Small Business

Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Small Business

With availability of reliable Internet Connection and abundant bandwidth, there is very little reason not to go with a Hosted VoIP Service for your Small Business.  Hosted VoIP Service provides easy to use, full featured phone system at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX system.  It also allows you to offload the maintenance of the phone system allowing more time to Run Your Business.

Below are some of the reasons why your Small Business should use Hosted VoIP:

Hosted VoIP can be implemented very easily and quickly to meet tight time-frames.  All you need is a reliable Internet Connection, IP Phones and a Hosted Small Business VoIP Account.  Once you have those three components, it is as simple as plugging in your IP Phones to the network.  Once properly configured, the IP Phones will contact the VoIP Server and provision automatically.  What this means to you is that if you sign up for a Hosted Small Business VoIP Service through ExpressVoice PBX and receive your IP Phone, all you have to do is Plug it In.

Hosted VoIP Service can be used in Conjunction with a Traditional Telephone System and can work together seamlessly.  A good number of clients use Hosted VoIP Service for outgoing calls only to avoid tying up Incoming Lines.  What this means to you is that you can migrate to a Full Hosted VoIP environment in stages to avoid overhauling the entire phone system and to reduce initial cost.

Hosted VoIP Service by ExpressVoice PBX is Reliable and Dependable as it utilizes Redundant Power, Cooling and Connectivity.  What this means to you is that our PBX Servers are well protected against Power and Internet Connection Outages.

Hosted VoIP Service can provide your company with Full PBX Features without complicated equipment or programming.  Features, from Simple to Advanced can be implemented easily.  Some of the features are:

  • Call Forwarding to any number you choose
  • Call Hunt Group to ring a group of Phones
  • Call Transferring among internal Extensions
  • BLF Field with Status LED to monitor Extensions (On-Line, Ringing, Free)
  • Voicemail to Email with Remote Voicemail Access
  • IVR and Auto Attendant for Menu Driven Call Routing
  • The list goes on and on

What this means to you is that your Small Business can have FULL Features of a Large Corporation and route your calls in a way that will enhance productivity and efficiency.

Unlike a traditional telephone system, Hosted VoIP Service can allow you to have One account that allows Unlimited Number of Concurrent Calls.  The limit is really your Internet Bandwidth and not the phone system itself.   What this means to you is that you give out One Number and we can have that One Number route to any phone you need.  All of your outgoing calls can show the Main Phone Number in the Caller ID which will simplify your marketing efforts.

Hosted VoIP Service usually does not Require you to sign a Service Contract.  ExpressVoice PBX for instance is on a Month to Month basis.  What this means to you is that you have the peace of mind of knowing that if things don’t work out, you have the option to cancel without incurring any penalties.

As you can see, there are many Advantages in Moving to a VoIP system.



About Express Interconnect: We are a Portland, Oregon based Small Business VoIP Phone Consultant specializing in implementing quality VoIP PBX system based on Asterisk IP PBX. We can be reached at 503-820-3513 or via email at: and can help with any questions you might have.

Due to Demand, we have finally branched out into Hosted VoIP Phone Service for Small Businesses.  Our Hosted VoIP Service provides full Asterisk IP PBX functionality in a simple Plug and Play system.

Also, please make sure to visit our on-line store at VoIP Phones Direct for all of your IP Phone needs. We carry Grandstream, Polycom, Snom, Aastra, and Yealink IP Phones with a 14 day money back guarantee and FREE UPS Ground Shipping.

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